I was born on the 6th of June 1983 by emergency C-section. I certainly made quite an entry into this world, putting the health of both myself and my Mother at serious risk.

Born with a digit missing on my right hand, a congenital defect to my right lower leg and a mal-rotation of the bowel, you would be forgiven to think that my parents would have wrapped me up in cotton wool.

That isn't what happened at all. I have taken part in all sports throughout my life, including; swimming to a national level and being national champion at the 50m backstroke, playing rugby for my local team Clevedon RFC, and now Motorsport.

For 2019 I plan to add to the list of inspiring disabled racing drivers that are racing on a level playing field with their able-bodied counterparts.

I owe huge thanks to my family for all of their love and support over the many years that I have looked to achieve all that I can in the sporting world. To Mum, Dad, my Wife and kids, thanks for being my biggest supporters.



Tel: +44 7833 462944

+44 7833 462944

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